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About Single Scene

Single Scene is America's oldest singles paper, publishing since 1972!  We ceased publishing with our March/April 2004 issue, but continue this website with news, information, and club listings. We have a Calendar of Events, National Singles News Briefs, Local Singles News Briefs, a Club Directory of over 60 singles groups, and our current issue article dealing with single life.

Harlan Jacobsen has published Singles Newspapers in Arizona and a 9 state Midwest issue for 32 years. He ran 3 classes for singles in Arizona every week for over 10 years, attended by over 10,000 singles.

Harlan has been divorced twice and single for thirty years. After great difficulty handling divorce, he attended meetings and seminars, with ten years of research and study on the subject of learning what works in life as a single person all over the US. He does not have a degree in anything.  There is no degree in the study of "living successfully" as a single person. Harlan has spoken at many singles seminars and conventions over the last 30 years.

In conjunction with daughter Janet and his son Jeff, he has conducted over 2500 meet and mix dances for singles. Daughter Janet has run many classes and seminars on singles life and has edited both of the singles newspapers for several years. Son Jeff has handled the computer and technical as well as the Arizona operation of the family businesses.

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