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July/Aug 2003

by Janet Jacobsen

After a long “cool” spring, summer is finally here. (That’s the bad news.) But the days when “everyone leaves” are long gone. There’s still plenty happening for singles; see the calendar section for what’s going on.

I’m taking an ASU class that is going to San Francisco for the first two weeks of July! Talk about a field trip! Fifteen of us are staying in a hostel in the Mission District. Should be very interesting. I’ll keep an eye out for singles activities in the San Fran area and report next issue!

Thanks to everyone who responded to the dating survey we’re conducting with Dr. Paul Mongeau of the communication department at Arizona State University. We’re going to start compiling data in the next few days, and expect to have a report for you next issue.

If you haven’t answered the three short questions, you can still do so from our web site at We appreciate your participation!

Lots of “letters” this issue that we’ve received in response to the various singles websites and e-newsletters that Harlan and Jeff have been developing. These include the tried-and-true material that Harlan tested for many years in his Divorce Recovery, Singlization and Dating Again classes. The sites are listed in this issue, or you can link to them all from the Single Scene website (

Interesting case of the Arizona woman charged with illegally accessing her husband’s ex-wife’s e-mail account 215 times. As we go to press, the judge is considering whether the plea bargain for probation and a fine is too lenient. What would the sentence be if she’d snuck over and read all the ex’s U.S. post office mail? Technology is playing out in a lot of new and unexpected ways in relationships, and it’s taking the law -- and the courts -- a while to catch up. Meanwhile you’d think some counseling should be part of the “sentence” too.

If you’re heading out of town for awhile this summer, you can find our list of singles publications around the country through our web site (

If you’re in town, here’s a sum-mer date idea unique to our area: When there’s a dust storm forecast, head to one of the restaurants with a great view and have dinner while you watch the storm roll in! (You can see to some great duststorm pictures that Jeff took, on the Az. Department of Environmental Quality site, at

In town or out, summer will be over quicker than we expect, so get out, get involved with some fun singles’ activities, and enjoy!