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Jan. 2003

by Janet L. Jacobsen

Ok, so it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions again. Mine are the usual: Eat less, floss more.
The resolution common to most singles, of course, is to get out more often, do more fun things, meet more people. Which is what Single Scene is all about -- giving you lots of good information on where to go and what to do to meet people and have fun. So check the news articles and our calendar for lots of great stuff happening in early 2003.
Theatre lovers, for instance, can get discount prices and a special opportunity to mingle at the singles performances of the Arizona Theatre Company (see article this issue). This is an outstanding theatre company and the performance coming up is their musical -- always a great event. Society for the Arts continues to host the social after the singles per-formance, which is an absolutely wonderful tie between a singles group and a community organization.

Saturday, Feb. 1, the Singles Fair and Valentine’s Ball will be held at La Posada Resort, 6 to 9 pm, followed immediately by their Valentine’s Ball. The Fair features information booths from lots of area singles groups and singles-related businesses.

We have a booth every year, and certainly urge all the singles groups and singles businesses to participate. It’s a great way to make contact with new people. I’ll also be one of the speakers, talking on “Where were you when the communication broke down?”, about getting along with the “opposite” sex.

Now that I think about it, why does mistletoe go with Christmas? Wouldn’t it make more sense with Valen-tine’s Day?
Coming up in our March issue, our annual Great Dates lists of free and inexpensive (under $7) things to do around the Valley. Be sure to pick it up! Better yet, subscribe today so you won’t miss it!
Unless it gets hot early, the fall rains mean we should have a terrific show of wildflowers around the area this spring. Why am I mentioning that now? Spring starts in late February in the desert. Get ready to stop and smell the desert marigolds! (Actually, they don’t really have much smell, but it ties in so nicely to stop and smell the roses.) Enjoy!