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Jan/Feb 2004
by Janet L. Jacobsen

Seems to me like Y2K was just yesterday, and here we are at Y2K04. Amazing. Of course, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

Here’s some fun: It’s Leap Year again! Used to be a lot of goings on about how it was the year that ladies were “allowed” to ask men out, propose mar-riage, etc. But since we can do all those things any time, there’s no real need to fuss. Except, of course, that we get an extra day in February. All those things you’ve been saying you’d do if you “only had more time”? Do them on the 29th!

Society for the Arts, in conjunction with several other organizations, is sponsoring a benefit dance at the Ritz-Carlton on January 16. Live music pro-vided by long-time local band Affinity - so “long time” that they played for us years ago when we had live bands at our singles dances. One of the co-sponsors is the Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club, so look for lots of “big band” style dance music. And it’s definitely a good night to “dress to impress,” but don’t get so formal that you can’t dance! It’s not strictly a singles dance, but should be a high percentage of singles.
Also coming up is the 12th annual Singles Fair and Valentine’s Ball, Saturday, February 7, this year at the Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort, 5401 N. Scottsdale Rd. We’ll have a booth, as always, as will many other singles groups and singles-oriented businesses. With no Singles Showcase last fall, singles organizations will especially want to take advantage of this very efficient method for recruiting new members for your group.
Valentine’s Day is upon us, as well. You don’t have to have a “main squeeze” to enjoy the day, by the way. One of my favorite things to do is get a bunch of those “school” valentines, and just give them out to people throughout the day - store clerks, people at work, etc. I give them to all my students at ASU too. They are always so surprised, and some will say it’s the only valentine they got.

Had a request recently from the publisher Houghton Mifflin to use one of my old articles in a high school textbook. Cool. They’ll use it in a textbook on writing. No word on whether I’m serving as a good example, or a bad one. The article is “Explaining Away Our Relationships. Does our craving for an explanation hurt romance?” You can see it in our archives at

Speaking of school, I passed my comprehensive exams and now “just” have the dissertation left to finish my doctorate. I’m studying male/female misunderstandings. It’s actually not a topic that’s been studied much, but nevertheless my big research problem is narrowing things down to something manageable because there are so many possible ways to study this. For instance, an alarming number of people, when I say I’m considering my research options, will say, “Well, you could just hang around at my house.”
Anyway, I am hoping to have more time to get out and do more things with the singles groups, and maybe even start up our series of singles classes and workshops again. Hope to have some decisions made on that in time for the Singles Fair, so stop by our booth! If nothing else, we’re bound to have a fun survey or two you can fill out!

So many singles publications have recently folded or temporarily suspended publication that we are no longer offering our “National List” of singles publications, nor the Singles Press Association national ad offer.

Of course, it’s not just singles publications; print publications of all kinds are seeing their circulations shrink. I read a lot on the Internet myself, but I also still get a lot of magazines, so I don’t know if I’m part of the problem or part of the solu-tion. It’s hard to imagine that print public-ations will disappear completely, but some new model for making them profitable will have to emerge. Or maybe publishing will only be done by nonprofit companies as a public service. Too early to say.

We’ve hardly had a winter, and by late February, Spring will be upon us! Get out and enjoy!