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Nov/Dec 2003

by Janet Jacobsen

Wow. Another holiday season, rolled around already! Check out the articles in our “Holiday” section, including making the most of being alone, holiday dating, and even gift-giving for singles.
Speaking of gifts, a Single Scene subscription is a present that lasts all year!
If you’re newly single and finding this a difficult time, visit our website: It’s not just for the “divorced,” by the way, but for anyone experiencing the end of a relationship. You’ll find our archives of helpful articles, plus you can sign up for Harlan’s free e-newsletter series to help you move on to a great single life.
Soon it will be time for those New Year’s resolutions, and nearly every single vows to get out more and meet new people. A Single Scene personal ad is a great way to jump-start your social life. Get yours in by December 15 to be in our January/February issue.
Of course, you can start now to make new single friends. Just look over our calendar section and attend some events that interest you. Introduce yourself to people. Volunteer to help with an up-coming event or two. Ask about other singles activities going on that people recommend. Networking isn’t just for business - it’s great for your social life too!
Resist all the advertising hoopla that wants to make you think that the way to a happy holiday is through your wallet. Good memories are much more likely to be about what people do together than about what people have.
Get together with a couple of pals for a day of baking. Then wrap the results as presents for your family and friends.
Pick out some favorite family photos, get duplicates made and frame or scrapbook a set for each family member.
Invite someone - or several someones - to church and then over for breakfast.
Hold a tree decorating party.
If it’s not about love, no amount of money will make it good. If it’s about love, it doesn’t take money to make it priceless.
Now more than ever the Jacobsen family wishes you peace and prosperity for the holidays and the coming year. Have a happy Thanksgiving, happy Hanukkah, and a very blessed Christmas!

NOTE: Deadline for the Jan.-Feb. issue is December 15.