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Dec. 2002

by Janet L. Jacobsen

Can you believe it’s the holiday season and the end of the year already? Amazing.
Last issue we had a letter to the editor requesting that we start up our poetry section again. You’ll find a little notice on that subject in this issue. Express yourself and send us a poem or two about single life!
Congratulations to Central Singles on hosting the Singles Showcase for 21 years! Amazing. The move to October hurt attendance a bit, I think. We all com-plain about the heat, but it does make indoor events more appealing. Seems like when the good weather hits we are all outside.
One factor in getting and keeping singles groups going these days seems to be that so many groups are very specialized now, which is great, in that it lets you meet like-minded folks easily. But that means fewer people to do the work, make the plans, lead the events.

It appears to me that most groups that die these days do so NOT because there aren’t people to attend the functions, but because there aren’t any volunteers to help make it all happen. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out over time, since single people still want to do things, have fun, and meet new people. How is that getting done in your life these days?

If you’re new to town or newly single, now is the time to get active in local singles groups, to build up a circle of new friends to do things with over the holidays. As you can see from our “mingling” list this issue, there are lots and lots and lots of fun things coming up, and lots and lots of them are free. So if your current financial situation isn’t the brightest, don’t let that keep you at home.
You can even have parties inex-pensively - God invented potlucks for just that reason. Potlucks work for dinners, picnics, brunch, and even for special ideas like a cookie party or a chocolate party. (Now that was one of my favorites!)

Besides meeting people through singles groups, you can expand your social network by adding a “bring a friend” component to your party, where everyone invited brings another friend or two.
If you’re wishing and hoping you get to attend some holiday parties this year, make it happen by hosting one or two yourself! Soon! Note that this year the calendar falls so that we have the shortest possible time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plan ahead!
Special congratulations are in order for Max McQueen. In addition to his duties leading Methodist singles programs, Max is theater critic for the Tribune news-papers. The Ari-Zoni’s are the local equivalent of Broadway’s Tony awards, and at this summer’s ceremonies Max was honored with a life-time achievement award for his work in promoting the Ari-zona theater community. Way to go, Max!

And congratulations to you too, for making it through all the challenges of single life - and life in general - this year. The Jacobsen family wishes you a very blessed holiday season, and a very happy new year