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Mar/Aprl 2003
by Janet L. Jacobsen

It was interesting to see that the Fountain Hills Social Club has cancelled their dances while they look for a new location. I don’t know the details but I know there are lots of pitfalls to holding a big event in the same location every time. Sometimes the owner gets to thinking it is the location that’s making it successful, and not all the work you’re doing, and they want to raise the price, or take over the event. Still, it’s hard to find suitable, affordable locations for a good size dance. The group does definitely plan to continue their dances and we wish them good luck, because there is certainly a need for such events.

If you have a business, the odds are that about 40% of your customers are single, since that’s the proportion of single adults in the U.S. population. If you have a business that’s of special interest to singles, or you have a product or service that targets singles, you should be advertising here in Single Scene. Our ad rates are very reasonable (just $15 per column inch) and placing your business ad in Single Scene gets results - see Maria Swan’s letter to the editor this issue!

In addition to specializing in the needs of the single home-buyer, Maria does a great thing for all her customers - she holds an annual Valentine’s party for all the singles who’ve bought homes from her. What a great idea.

Maria’s obviously a smart busi-ness person in another way. She has kept her ad in for almost two years. Some business owners place an ad here and there in various media for one time, and then say advertising doesn’t work. It’s keeping your name in front of your key customers that counts. Over time they come to know where to find you when they’re in the market for your product or service. Plus long-term buys let you take advantage of multi-issue price discounts.

In this issue you’ll find our annual Great Dates list of inexpensive ($7 or under) things to do around the Valley. Low cost dates are a great idea for the first few dates especially; it takes a lot of the
pressure off both people. Of course, you can combine several of these ideas together too!

Next issue: hundreds of things to do FREE. Be sure to pick it up! Better yet, subscribe today so you won’t miss it!

And if you have ideas and suggestions for inexpensive things to do on dates, we’d love to hear from you. Keep in mind that while I frame these as “date” ideas, they are also fun things to do with your friends, or your kids!

Congratulations to Dave Gorman and Calculated Couples for another suc-cessful annual Singles Fair & Valentine’s Ball, held on February 1. The Singles Fair (and the Singles Showcase in the fall) are important events to expose singles to the many groups and businesses serving them in the Valley.

Thanks also to all the folks who filled out our survey at the Singles Fair on what is a “date,” conducted for Dr. Paul Mongeau in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at ASU. We should have a preliminary report on the results for you next issue.
The spring has sprung, the flowers are flowering! Get out and enjoy our beautiful desert while it’s beautiful. (Summer is coming.)