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May 2002

by Janet L. Jacobsen

When is a dating service not a dating service? When is “matchmaking” not matchmaking? Apparently when the company introduces you to people without actually “matching” you and when it downplays the idea of a “date.”

That seems to be the pattern with several new “introduction” companies in the Valley. There are some that set you up for lunch or dinner. And what started elsewhere as “Speed Dating” has taken on several variations locally over the past few months.
As with all introduction services, you need to weigh the cost against the con-venience - and the likelihood of actually meeting someone interesting. A membership fee of several hundred dollars may get you only a half dozen dates with people whose primary matching characteristic is being available for a meal or an event at the same time you are.

If you know you absolutely won’t take the initiative on your own, and you’ve got the bucks, it may well be worth the price. But you could probably get to know as many people by giving a couple of fun parties at home (hire a caterer!), or taking several new classes, or going on a really fun trip for the same - or a lot less - money.
Speaking of travel, our July/August issue will feature our up-dated national list of singles publications around the country, so when you’re on the road - or making a move - you can find fun singles’ things to do. If you can’t wait til July, you’ll find last year’s list on the Single Scene web site.

Singles events come and go. We had a notice from the Multi-Parish Singles that there are no longer Friday night dances at the Elks Club (which the group attended) and that their regular social at Rockin’ Rodeo would be looking for a new place, because the bar had closed. But now I understand that Rockin’ Rodeo is remodelling and will reopen (with a differ-ent name) in May with a new “theme” which will be “half country.” (Do I want to know which half?) Meanwhile I’m hearing rumors that someone is planning to start a new singles dance.

There’s a new general interest magazine out, called AZ Living, and their Spring issue featured an article on “The Dating Game: How today’s midlife singles are finding each other.” The article quoted me on several points, and recommended Single Scene and our website as resources for singles. They also liked the website [note: not all the groups listed are strictly singles], and gave a good mention to the Calculated Couples weekly events.
If you (or a friend) are struggling with adjusting to single life, you can now take Harlan’s wonderful divorce recovery class right at home - free! Thousands of singles went through these classes, and now Harlan has condensed them into a five day free e-mail course called “Moving On,” covering how you can end the divorce miseries. Then follow that with his 8-day course “Get Going,” the condensed version of his very very popular Dating Again class, also free (!) by e-mail.
Send a BLANK email from the email address where you want the course sent, to
to get the divorce recovery readings. For the dating again class, send a blank email to That’s all it takes! Isn’t this electronic stuff amazing?!

Summer is upon us. If you decide to escape the heat, take care when you head to the mountains. Things have been very very dry. We’ll hope for no forest fires, and an early monsoon.
Years ago the Valley pretty much emptied over the summer, but with so many fun things to do in town, including lots of great singles events, you can keep busy and meet new people all summer long. Enjoy