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Sept 2002

by Janet L. Jacobsen

Got one of those dating service pitches in the mail the other day. It in-cludes the line “Take control of your romantic destiny.” Paying large amounts of money to someone to maybe introduce you to others who have paid large amounts of money doesn’t exactly meet my definition of “taking control” - more like giving up control.
Of course, the multi-item questionnaire about the person you are seeking makes it seem like they are going to find you people who “match” what you want. But look closely - marital status and edu-cation level are the only questions they ask about you that match questions about what you want. Asking both people what they want doesn’t make it very easy to match who they are, which is what really counts in a successful relationship, after all.

Actually, a gal I know who once worked for a large national dating service said that the most important item on the questionnaire is your income level. If you don’t reach a certain level, they don’t want you as a customer because you aren’t likely to pay the high price of the service. So the point of the questionnaire, she said, was to “qualify”customers not on their match-ability, but on the money they had to spend for the service.
So here’s a better approach to “take control of your romantic destiny.” Take the thousand dollars or so a dating service would cost you, and get out and meet people! Attend singles events! Make friends! Introduce friends; encourage them to introduce you. Have fun! Go new places, do new things. Be yourself. Most important - get out of the house!
Here’s a plan: National Singles Week is September 15 to 21, so hold a party or arrange an outing with all your single friends that week.
The Singles Showcase is the big singles event of the year. After many years being held in September, the event has been (wisely, I’d say) moved to Saturday, October 19. (Much cooler for mingling in the nice outside courtyard.) Dozens of singles organizations and related businesses have information booths. Hundreds of singles attend, and there’s lots of opportunity to mingle.
I’ll be one of the featured speakers, talking about “Peace Talks in the War between the Sexes.” I’m really looking forward to it! All this for just $5 admission. Don’t miss it. Stop by our booth and say “Hi!”

Single Scene has had a booth every year since the Showcase started, so obviously we think it’s an important event. We certainly urge all singles groups and singles-related businesses to participate. This is THE most efficient way for you to reach your potential members/customers. Our congratulations to Max McQueen and all the members of Central Singles for their 21 years of incredible service to our local singles community, through the Singles Showcase and other events they offer.

Halloween is coming up too. Halloween is adults night out - second only to New Year’s Eve, so enjoy! Because it falls on a Thursday night this year, you can probably find Halloween events both before and after the day, so pick a costume that will hold up well. And if your goal is to meet people to date, do not choose a costume that hides what sex you are!

Remember: Celebrate National Singles Week - take yourself to lunch!