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Sept/Oct 2003

National Singles Week is September 21 to 27. (See article in this issue.) Be sure to celebrate your singleness!

It was certainly a surprise to learn that after 21 years, Central Singles will not be hosting the annual Singles Showcase this fall. Group leader Max McQueen has “moved” from Central United Methodist to Cross Roads United Methodist (both in Phoenix) and expects to restart the Showcase next year. (See his Letter to the Editor.)

Since the Showcase was always an important event for singles groups and organizations to get new members every fall, we’ve included an article this issue on how to get publicity - and new members - for your singles group.

Along those lines, Fountain Hills Social Club recently sent out a questionnaire to its members for their input on what sort of activities they favor. I was interested to see their question on what one would be willing to “spend” on “Valley-wide social dances.” The options ranged from $10-15 to $50-100. Wow.
I think we were charging $7 when we ended the weekly Single Scene dances a couple of years ago. Of course, that’s why we stopped them - losing money! And we didn’t feel we could get the neces-sary attendance at a higher price. The $15 charge would be in line with many such events I’ve seen elsewhere in the country, though.

Halloween falls on a Friday this year, which means it will be an extra big night. (It’s second only to New Year’s Eve as a night out for adults!) Having sponsored Halloween dances for many years, we can give you some advice if you want to go in costume - and meet people.

The primary advantage of a cos-tume is that it makes it easier for people to approach you, and for you to approach others, because the costume itself gives everyone something to talk about. So your attire doesn’t have to be perfect - just interesting enough to show you’re part of the party.

On the other hand, if your cos-tume (or your mask) makes it hard to distinguish what sex you are (clown costumes and gorilla suits, for instance), you will have to ask people to dance.

“Autumn” is upon us, and while the days won’t cool down for awhile, our evenings will be gorgeous. So many restaurants with outdoor seating, so little time. Enjoy!