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Leap Year roles for men
by Janet Jacobsen
Jan/Feb 2004 issue

Leap Year was traditionally the time when women were “allowed” to be a bit more assertive and do things like asking men to marry them. While this may seem out of date, now that women are safely holding such roles as driving earth-movers and serving on the Supreme Court, nevertheless we felt now was the time to remind the fellas of how they need to behave this year.

1. Keep dancing and talking with a woman all evening, even though you’re not really interested, because she asked you to dance and you don’t want to hurt her feelings.

2. Memorize the number for Dial-a-Prayer to use when a woman asks for your number and you don’t want to give it to her, but you’re afraid to tell her you’d rather not.

3. Have a back-up e-mail address for the same purpose.
4. When you do give someone you like your number, wait at home every evening for her to call. Don’t call her; she’ll think you’re too eager.

5. Expect her to drive her car on dates and to always come to pick you up and deliver you home. Feel hurt if she wants you to drive now and then.

6. Feel obligated when a woman takes you out and spends money on you.

7. Feel pressured if she buys you gifts.

8. Nevertheless, always assume that she’s paying for everything, no matter how broke you know she is.

9. Kissing and cuddling on a first date are ok, but if you do more than that, she won’t respect you.

10. Always let her make the first move.