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Parking lot safety!

This simple procedure makes it much safer heading home after meeting friends out

Single Scene Newspaper Scottsdale AZ May 1996
by Janet L. Jacobsen

copyright 1996 by Single Scene Newspaper

When she and her girlfriend left the nightclub late one evening, the last thing she expected was to be attacked by a stranger.

Fortunately other people came to her rescue, but the problem might have been prevented completely had she and her friend followed a simple procedure that every single who goes out to meet friends should follow.

At a night club, a restaurant, a ballgame, even after a church social, when two or more of you and your friends are leaving at the same time, one should never leave the parking lot until they are sure the other is also underway. Ever.

While robbery or assault are a possibility and a legitimate concern in any setting, the most likely problem is "car trouble."

Discovering that your battery is dead while you still have friends around is not nearly the problem it can be when everyone you know has already left. Or the best solution to the situation may be to leave the car where it is and get a ride home, which, again, can become a major problem if your friends have already departed.

This rule applies not just when same sex friends have met somewhere, but also on dates where each party arrives in their own car. If they aren't willing to wait around long enough to see that you are on your way safely, they are not the one for you!

The informal system I have with many friends is that you don't turn on your car lights until you know your engine is running and everything seems fine. You don't leave a site until you know the other person's lights are on, and you keep an eye on each other as you're pulling away, too, since some problems aren't apparent until you try to get the car to move.

But what if you aren't parked close enough to see each other's cars? Then walk together to whoever's car is closest, and then drive together to the other person's car. From there, apply the "neither leaves til both are ok" rule.

You can even apply this system with folks you've just met. Say you've attended a singles group meeting for the first time, and you're among the last to leave. (Great meeting!) Just say to one or two other people, "Would you mind not driving away until you see my car lights are on? And I'll do the same for you." They'll understand immediately - and appreciate your good sense!