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Sexual Singles, part 2
By Harlan Jacobsen

If you are big on guilt, you can feel guilty for just thinking about having sex with Robert Redford.

There are quotes in the Bible that say that just thinking about it (lusting) is a sin. Have you been thinking about sex? Go ahead, feel guilty.

You come from a long line of sexy relatives, mess-arounders. EVERY one of those thousands of generations ahead of you messed around. You are descended from "mess-arounders" or you wouldn't be here. Every generation ahead of you WITHOUT exception -SCIENTIFIC FACT about the nature of human beings - we cannot deny. We all have sexual feelings and that is not bad in any way.

God made us this way. We could have been made like animals and be given the urge just once a year but we were made with a perpetual continual urge and we cannot deny that. Animals reproduce and maintain replacements with only seasonal urges. Our urge has to have been built in for something besides reproduction.

The problem is what we are going to do about it; how can we handle it? We have already talked about our alternatives in past issues. Here is a review:

1. Deny - repress it.

2. Do it yourself.

3. Sexual serial monogamy. (live-ins)

4. Primary, plus others.

S. On call, when one needs it.

6. One night stands.

7. Reruns.

8. Several regulars, different times.

9. Group sex (3% to 5%).

10. Homosexual.

The next question is, when you find a sex partner (we have talked about finding them in other articles) or someone you feel okay about having sex with, are you going to be uptight about sex? Or will the whole thing be comfortable, relaxed and fun?

Will you be able to enjoy sex or are you going to be taking along to bed a whole can of worms?

1. Fears:

a. V. D.

b. Pregnancy

c. Not being able to perform

d. Not being adequate or satisfying

e. Will they want to it with me again? Will I turn them off?

2. Guilt:

a. Shouldn't do it.

b. Nice people don't have sex.

c. Nice people don't have sex unless married.

d. Reputation.

e. Will I hate myself for letting "animalistic" urges make me do something I didn't want to do?

3. Mother is in bed with you, also your ex, your fantasy lover, and your unrealistic expectations from the media.

Here you are in bed. You have differences in arousal time- three seconds for some men to a long time for many women. Some women take along time to be fully aroused. Others are fully aroused before they get in bed. If they take too long, many older men can't stay completely aroused that long. Learn how to arouse your partner. That's the key to sex when you want it. You can be completely exhausted; a great lover can arouse you anyway. You can be completely sexually dissipated; a good lover can arouse you again anyway.

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