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Throw a party

Giving a party can be your key to meeting lots of potential dates

by Harlan L. Jacobsen

copyright 1996 by Single Scene Newspaper


Singles are always looking for ideas for ways to meet and mix with other singles. Personally, I think parties are a good way to get acquainted and when invitations to parties have been rather scarce, well, you just throw a party yourself.

You have an advantage. You are more relaxed and competent at your place than at someone else's. Most of all, you know it is going to be a group of people that you like because you personally chose who would attend.

You can have a co-host or co-hostess who also invites friends and you get to meet new people that way. We tried a reject party once and it was a great success. Every person invited was asked to invite someone they still knew but had stopped dating, or to put it simply, one of their rejects. Well, some of those rejects turned out to be pretty super for someone else.

Another way to do it is to just tell each person you invite to bring a friend that you don't already know. Since you are the hostess or host, you have a good excuse to talk to anyone at your party you wish. Best of all, you will be invited to other people's parties, and you are discharging many of your social obligations along with all of the other benefits. The super part is, if you run your singles party right, you will have lots of fun.

Set your party date well ahead and use the time between to meet new and interesting people. The ones you would like to get to know better, invite to your upcoming party. In fact, if you meet someone interesting that you want to know better, this alone can be a good reason for throwing a party. You only need a few other people and it need not be a large party for this type of situation.

Even if you know of someone you would like to meet and you have a friend that knows them, invite your friend and specifically ask them to invite or bring the person you want to meet to your party.

It is not expensive to give a party, in fact, the best ones usually are inexpensive. The main attraction of any party is the people.

Forget all that cooking and meal preparation. A few dips and snacks are all you need; you can serve soft drinks and tell your guests it is a bring your own bottle party if drinks are important and your budget is small. You can even have your guests bring something as sort of a price of attendance whether it be a bottle or snacks or whatever. Most are excited about being invited to a good party and don't mind at all.

If you only know 3 people here and wanted to get acquainted with more, invite the three and ask them to invite 2 or 3. Yes, parties are fun and when you have not been invited to any for a while, well, why not throw one yourself. Another option is to hand pick singles at a singles activity to come over to your place for a little party after some singles activity that you will all be attending.