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Camelback Mountain, the Crown of Phoenix

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Panormaic view from the top of Camelback Mountain, Phoenix Arizona

chipmunk on creosote bush

Camelback Mountain rises 1400 feet above the Phoenix valley to 2704 feet above sea level. The mountain is a 75.8 acre city park with trails starting from east and west. Both hikes are moderately difficult and may take about an hour or more for an average hiker to reach the top. Parking is at times difficult since the trails are popular. Be sure to take water, sunblock, and a hat. There is abundant wildlife on Camelback, as these photos show.

road runner
roadrunner, on Cholla Trail

chuck walla
a chuckwalla, about 14 inches long

a coyote, just below the saddle

a mouse checks out the stranger

chip munks
chipmunks learned how to climb barrel cacti to get to the buds

this little fella was right on the trail

Arizona Republic article

A Rhode Island visitor tells his story

Bob Payne made it to the top

nice series of photos from Cholla Trail (east side)

A dust storm seen from Camelback

panorama photo from the saddle

panorama photo from lower Cholla Trail

Camelback Mountain webcam


Gorp - great information on Arizona trails

AZCentral - lots of links to Arizona's outdoors

AZ Guide - great links to more information

AZ Hikers - great information from hikers about trails and sites


all photos copyright Jeff Jacobsen 2004

note: Single Scene does not endorse any sites linked herein. The links are for informational purposes only.

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