azss5.gif (744 bytes)       Anatomy of a Dust Storm

Wednesday July 7, 1999 in Phoenix Arizona

from Camelback Mountain

dust1.jpg (35504 bytes)
Looking southeast toward chandler, the dust begins billowing

dust2.jpg (18369 bytes)
the dust builds and heads northwest towards Camelbback Mountain

dust3.jpg (15204 bytes)
looking east towards Pima Road the dust is heading northwest

dust6.jpg (12970 bytes)
looking northeast, the dust begins reaching me

dust4.jpg (17734 bytes)
looking soutwest, the other edge of the dust cloud consumes the airport

dust7.jpg (17008 bytes)
still looking southwest shortly before the dust reached me. 
Bank One ballpark and the downtown skyscrapers are visible middle right.

The dust was pretty thick when it hit, but it was not as windy as I would have expected. 
After the dust hit, I then ran down the hill and got to my car just as it started raining.

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photos copyright 1999 by Jeff Jacobsen